Saturday, 27 November 2010

My very first Nappy Cake

the bottom layer, with vests, bottle, hat and leggings hidden inside.

almost done, my daughter has always liked elephants so thats where the theme came from.

top layer

All finished

Soft cuddly elephant as the topper,  

Baby bath and shampoo inside

Baby lotion and talc inside

Saturday, 20 November 2010

The continuation..... 2/5

well that's the back finished.
pic is the pattern, 'peter pan' 'moondust'

The start of G/Daughter no.2's. it will be a hoodie/cardi.

More knitting. For christmas pressies....1/5

Finally the dress!

and all of them together. 

there is a dress to match when i get a photo of it.
pink set for my newest grandaughter's christmas pressie

Thursday, 4 November 2010

My Knitting Projects so far

These are my first attempts at knitting again, its been years since I last did some.

Matinee Jacket and Bonnet

The Bonnet

First attempt at Cable

Top knot hat

aww they are sooo small

Aran knit


Jacket, just need to get the buttons

More Cakes for the Party.
Bakewell Tarts

Fairy Cakes

My first grand daughter's 1st birthday cake that i made

Well hello everyone and welcome to my blog, first time for everything I suppose. I've started this so I have a place for all my creations, I love to bake and knit and I'm starting some crafts too. Please feel free to look around and leave any comments. Thanks for looking.